Fox News anchors on why Donald Trump is right to be president

  • July 11, 2021

Fox News hosts are not happy with Donald Trump, but they don’t want him to be President, as they see the Republican’s policies in the US as disastrous for the country.

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer and Steve Doocy hosted a discussion of Trump’s policies on Fox & Brith this morning, with Hemmer saying, “I think he is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.”

He added, “It’s hard to watch, and it’s hard for people to believe, and the fact is that he is a total clown.”

Doocy went on to say, “We’ve got a very weak Republican Congress and we have a very strong Democratic Congress, but we can’t let him get away with this, we can only do better.”

Hemmer said, “He’s the only one who can get away.

He is the only person who can go around telling people what to do, what not to do.””

You’re a clown, you’re a hypocrite, you’ve got to quit it.

That’s all,” Doocy said.

He added that Trump’s presidency has been a “total disaster.”

Watch the segment above.

Hemming, meanwhile, said that he “wished we could go on with the country as we had hoped” but that Trump is a “sad clown.”

“I don’t know what’s happening in the United States right now, but it’s not good,” he said.

“It is absolutely tragic that we have an elected president of the United Sates who is putting our country in jeopardy, who has gone out of his way to make the country more insecure, and who is doing everything he can to put Americans at risk.

And that is not a good presidency.”

Watch Fox News’ The Five above for the full interview.

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