How to disable YouTube’s autoplay feature on Android

  • July 12, 2021

Hacker News subscribers can now disable YouTube autoplay on Android, according to the app’s developer.

YouTube’s latest update introduces the “Autoplay” setting, which lets the app skip the autoplay loop while playback is paused.

To disable it, tap the “Disable autoplay” button. 

In the “Add New” section, Google suggests disabling the setting on devices running Android version 4.2 or later.

This is probably the last step before Android 5.0, which is expected to arrive sometime this month.

YouTube has been struggling with Android fragmentation and Android fragmentation on the desktop and the mobile platforms, and Google’s latest updates may help alleviate those concerns.

The feature may not be available on all Android devices, however.

Google is currently working on a workaround for users who can’t install the latest update, but that feature will likely come in later updates. 

The update will also remove the “AdBlock” feature, which blocks ads from appearing in the YouTube video player.

YouTube is also introducing an updated “Search” section that will allow users to find videos, audio and more.

The “Show Video” button will appear on the bottom of videos, but will no longer be accessible.

The new “Advanced Search” section will also show up in the search results for videos and other types of content.

YouTube may also make some minor changes to its privacy settings to allow it to use more accurate data about who you watch videos for.

Google has previously said it is working on privacy settings that would allow it track your location and what apps you use. 

If you’re looking to install the update now, the easiest way is to tap the link below to download the app.