Live coverage of Irish election: The day in pictures

  • July 18, 2021

6 September 2018 00:51:51In the wake of the Irish election results, The Irish News has compiled some of the most compelling coverage to date of the campaign.

In the first article of a two-part series, we take a look at what we saw on election day.

We also take a close look at the key developments from the campaign, as well as how the media and politicians reacted.

Here are some highlights from our coverage:There was a palpable sense of unity and hope on the campaign trail.

In some ways, this was one of the great moments of the general election campaign.

There was no question that the campaign was very much about what the people wanted to hear.

A large number of people said they were going to vote Labour because they wanted to get rid of the DUP, and there was a clear sense that Labour was the party of change and of a new direction.

There was a sense that there was an opportunity to build a united party.

This was not a one-off result, however.

The vote for Labour in the last general election was a strong reflection of the sentiment that Labour voters wanted to see change.

There were also strong concerns over the future of the country, which were expressed at the election.

A number of other political parties have now lost seats, but this has been a more stable period for the country.

The media’s coverage was equally impressive, particularly on the front pages.

A majority of the media’s news coverage focused on the election result, with the exception of the Sunday Independent and The Irish Sun, which focussed on the results of the referendum.

The newspaper and newspaper readership in Ireland is the most diverse in the European Union, and many newspapers have a huge online following.

There were some very good coverage of the first phase of the election, which was dominated by a strong showing from Fine Gael, the largest party.

The second phase saw a much closer contest, and the most dramatic result came in the election of the Social Democrats, who defeated Fine Gael and the Democratic Unionist Party in the Irish parliament.

The party was expected to lose seats in the second election, but it gained significant support among the party faithful, with around 60 per cent of those who voted for it in the referendum coming from the party.

There has been talk of a “break-up” between Fine Gael’s left-wing, socially conservative wing and the party’s right-wing wing, but the party has insisted that it will remain united.

A lot of the coverage in the newspapers and television channels during the campaign focused on Labour’s policies, with a clear emphasis on Labour being “for the little guy” and the economy.

The media’s focus on Labour was also strong, with both the Sunday Express and Sunday Herald newspapers reporting extensively on Labour.

There had been a lot of speculation about the impact of the EU referendum, particularly in the aftermath of the UK’s vote to leave the European bloc, and it was clear that the debate was not going to be won by either side.

Labour and the UK remain a closely-watched political battle, and although there was more positive coverage on the first day of campaigning, the election outcome has been very disappointing for Labour.

The party did not win a single seat in the assembly, but was able to gain seats in several key constituencies.

The referendum results are still to come, but there are no signs of a Brexit-induced surge in support for Labour among voters.

The two major parties are in a difficult position, with neither party able to form a government.

Labour needs to hold on to a majority of seats in order to govern, but is unable to do so without the support of the majority of voters.

Labour is facing an extremely difficult position in relation to the referendum results.

A majority of Labour voters will not support a government, but that is a relatively minor factor compared to the massive public support for the party and the support it has received from its voters.

It is difficult for Labour to form an acceptable coalition, as the support from the largest number of voters is not going away.

There is still considerable support for a Labour-led government, with over 80 per cent support for an Irish government, and only 12 per cent backing an independent government.

The only parties who are in any way in a position to form government are the DUP and Sinn Féin, both of which are likely to retain a majority in the legislature.

The next general election will be held in 2021.

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