DirectTV Now Now is ‘almost dead’ – Report

  • July 20, 2021

DirectTVNow is “almost dead” after more than a decade of service, according to the company’s CEO.

It will no longer be available for download or to stream, although it’s not dead yet.

DirectTVNow launched in April 2015 with the launch of its directv app, and now has more than 70 million subscribers.

Now, though, it appears to have “lost some traction” and is only available on and its other partner, DirecTV Now.

“It is almost dead,” CEO John Krasnic told TechCrunch in a recent interview.

He explained that the company was “not at full capacity” for its “largest customer” of directv and that it had to “work from scratch”.

The company will be offering directvNOW, a subscription service, for a $20 a month monthly fee, but Krasic said there were no plans to bring the service to any other major platform.

Krasnic did not provide a timeline for when the company would bring directv to other platforms.

There is one other big new addition to DirectTV now, though.

The new app will allow you to watch live TV, and will not only let you access all the channels that you want to, but also watch the highlights and news.

Krasic told TechCulture that it will take time for the app to “grow”, and that the app “doesn’t have a clear timeline”.

He said that the team was still working on the launch and would “work through the bugs” and “features” of the app before rolling it out to consumers.

Currently, the app only works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Blackberry 10.

The DirectTVNOW app is also free, but users will be charged $20 for each month of service.

Kasic explained that it’s possible that the DirectTV NOW app will not be available when it launches in the future, and that its current focus was “on building out and improving the platform”.

“We’re not looking at bringing DirectTV to the Android, or even the iOS,” he said.

“We want to build something that’s really different, that’s fun, that can bring people together, that you can find online.”