Which are the best TV channels to watch?

  • September 16, 2021

You can watch most channels from the comfort of your own home, without having to travel, or pay for international access.

We’ve compiled our top 10 TV channels, with a special focus on Australia’s largest broadcasters, to give you an idea of what’s available to watch, and what’s free.


ABC Radio National TV (ABCRTV) This is the place to be in Australia.

With a strong lineup of local news, current affairs and the occasional news bulletins, ABCRTV is Australia’s most trusted news and current affairs broadcaster.

This means you can follow all of the big stories from across the country and see what’s happening around the world.

You can also watch local news and regional affairs programs on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


ABC TV News (ABCNews) With an ABC News app, you can also find a full line-up of breaking stories, with exclusive reporting from the ABC’s international news teams.

The ABC News apps have been downloaded more than 300 million times and you can access news from more than 200 countries.


TV One (TVOne) TVOne is Australia ‘s leading digital news platform, offering live and on-demand content and an extensive library of original programming.

You’ll also find access to the full archive of ABC News, The Australian and Q&A podcasts.


ABC News Online (abcnews.net.au) Access to ABC News is available to all ABC TV subscribers in Australia (plus regional and remote audiences).

It is also available on mobile devices.


TV News Australia (tvone.com.au or tvone.au.com) TV News can be accessed on a variety of devices including a mobile phone, tablet, computer and connected TV. 6.

ABC Music (abcmusic.com/music) Access music from artists including Adele, Katy Perry and Beyonce.


ABC Sports (abcsports.com, facebook.com or twitter.com): Sports is available on the ABC News website, and on the BBC iPlayer.


ABC Sport (australianstations.com and australian.bbc.co.uk) Watch ABC news, talk and play sports from the latest on ABC TV and the ABC app.


ABC Television (abctv.net): Watch ABC TV on your computer, tablet and connected TVs, as well as watch ABC Radio and ABC News from the BBC.


ABC iPlayer (ABCiPlayer.com: ABC, ABC Radio or ABC News).

You can access ABC News online on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Check the latest news and events on your mobile.


ABC Mobile News (abc.comnews.com)/ABC News mobile apps (abcmobile.com), the ABC iListen app (android) and the Apple News app (iPhone and iPad).


ABC Kids (abckids.com).

Watch ABC News and the latest children’s content on the app.


ABC Pop Up (abcpopup.com ): Get up to date news and information from ABC News.


ABC Live TV (abclive.com/) Check out all the news from around the country, or watch local and national news, as it airs.


ABC Local News (www.abclocal.com)(ABC News, ABC Local, ABC News Radio and Newsnight).


ABC Online (a.com)-A site for people to find and share news and resources on the internet, ABC Online offers free and paid subscription options to its subscribers.


ABC Talk (abctalk.com)* Watch all the ABC radio and television news from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


ABC Weather (abcweather.com.)

Weather updates from the Bureau of Meteorology.


ABC Business (abcbusiness.com)) Check out the latest headlines, analysis and breaking news from ABC Business.


ABC Entertainment (abcentertainment.com*) Check out what’s on the big screens and listen to all the latest programs.


ABC Trade (axtra.com (abcxtra)) Check the ABC Trade app for access to all of your favourite Australian products and services.


ABC Technology (abctechnology.com (*)) Connect with all your favourite content and listen in on the latest from ABC Technology.


ABC Game of Thrones (aog.com_ebook (*)) Listen to the latest episodes of Game of the Thrones from the show’s creators and fans.


ABC Movie and TV (abcnovies.com (@abcnmovies)) Watch movies and TV shows from the world of films and television.


ABC Podcasts (abcpodcas.com* (*)) Get all the highlights and reviews from ABC podcasts.


ABC Movies and TV Shows (abcmovies.co.* (*)) Watch all ABC films, TV shows and documentaries.


ABC Travel (abctravel.com**) Get the latest travel and