How to stop the calcium channel blocker ads from eating up your data on YouTube

  • August 7, 2021

This week, a new app from Google that aims to stop YouTube ads from consuming up to 10% of your YouTube views has been launched. 

The app is called Calcium, and it aims to help you avoid ads that are essentially just “calcium.” 

It’s the first app to go through Google’s extensive testing phase and have been downloaded by a whopping 80 million users. 

But unlike other blockers, Calcium isn’t a “zero-rating” app. 

Instead, Calibre uses your YouTube video to tell your device when it’s on, to let you know that the video is being watched. 

“This gives you more control over what videos you watch and when, so that you don’t spend your entire day watching ads,” Calibres co-founder, David Levenson, told The Verge. 

In order to avoid ads, you’ll need to sign up for a free trial of Caliberev’s service, which costs $0.99 per month. 

You’ll then have the option to choose from two different channels. 

One channel lets you choose whether to see ads in your YouTube channel, but the other lets you view ads in the channel itself, instead of on top of it. 

If you’re on a high-traffic channel, you can see ads on your channel’s home page, but you can’t see ads from other channels, like the ones you already see. 

However, if you want to view ads on the channel’s channel page, you need to first sign up to Calibefan’s free trial. 

Once you’re signed up, you will be able to view Calibes ads directly from your YouTube page. 

As a reminder, Caliber is designed to block all ads that aren’t in the YouTube video, but Google says that it can’t always remove them, so it recommends that you limit the ads you see to those you want, and to only view them in the video that’s in the app.

“With the app, you get the most out of your videos when you only see the ads in that video, so if you only watch videos from your channel and not other channels or apps, you won’t get the maximum benefit from Calibe,” Levensen said. 

So, how does Caliber work? 

Unlike other blockers like Adobe Flash Player, Calibur is designed specifically for YouTube videos. 

It doesn’t block all YouTube videos, but it blocks any video that is being used to monetize the channel. 

Google is using the same technology it used to build Calibers “AdBlock Plus,” which works by blocking all adverts from any website. 

With Caliber, you have the ability to see the adverts that Google has flagged on YouTube and the ads they have placed on your video. 

For example, if an ad advert for a new product or service appears on your YouTube feed, you could click the button that reads “Ad Block Plus” and it will take you to the AdBlock Plus page.

But if the ad advert shows up on your Google+ page, it will only show up on that page and not the rest of YouTube. 

After clicking the “Adblock Plus” button, you should see a small popup informing you that your channel is being targeted by Google. 

And if you click “Unblock,” Google will not block your videos.

This is how it works.

Once you click the “Unban” button on the bottom right corner of the Adblock Plus page, Google will remove the adverts. 

This means that all of the Ads that you are seeing in the videos you view are actually being blocked by Caliber. 

That means if you view an ad in a video and you don�t want to see it in your channel, Calibrre will remove it from your feed. 

To prevent this from happening, you must also click “Remove” on the popup informing Calibree that the Advert has been removed from your video feed.

If you don �t click “Resend,” then the Adverts you see will still show up.

The app also provides a way to remove all ads, but not all of them. 

While Calibrea allows you to view the ads on all videos that have been flagged by Google, it does not allow you to remove them.

You will need to click the small “Remove All” button in the bottom left corner of Caliber�s home page.

That�s where you will have to enter your YouTube account credentials to remove the ads from your videos, as well as delete any “shared” ads that were already placed on the videos.

You will also need to enable a “Delete all shared ads” option in your Google Settings, and Calibrre will only delete