When it comes to beef, ‘all cows belong to the government’

  • October 8, 2021

A few months ago, I posted an article titled “When it comes with beef, all cows belong on the government’s ration.

The government’s decision to ban the meat is a violation of the constitutional guarantees to equal liberty of expression and association”.

A few days ago, a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Rajasthan made a similar claim, but it was refuted by the Centre.

In this article, I want to examine the claims made by the BJP, the Centre and other quarters about the constitutional guarantee of equal liberty and freedom of expression.

The Constitution guarantees equal liberty to the citizen and the right to freedom of thought, speech and expression.

In the context of the beef ban, the Constitution does not guarantee that the freedom of speech or expression is to be restricted to the particular caste or community, nor does it provide that the rights of freedom of assembly, assembly and association are to be guaranteed.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution provides for freedom of religion and belief, which is an important right to which the state cannot interfere.

The right to equal opportunity is a fundamental right, enshrined in Article 14(2)(c) of the Constitution, which provides that a person may be subjected to discrimination “on account of race, religion, colour, sex, birth or any other similar ground”.

In this context, it is important to note that the Supreme Court held in Ghatak v.

State of Tamil Nadu that the right of equality under law extends to discrimination on account of caste, religion or creed, and that the law must not restrict the right on account that it is an expression of religious or cultural preference.

In Ghatk, the court said that there is no basis for concluding that the prohibition of beef in the state was an expression, or a belief, of caste or religion, since the State does not have an obligation to promote the growth of minority religions.

The court also said that the ban was in the public interest as the State had to ensure equal access to basic services, such as healthcare, education and employment.

The Supreme Court, in Gharwad v.

Maharashtra Government (2002), said that in the context, “of caste and religion, the right and obligation to free expression extends to the State as well as to individuals on account thereof”.

The court said, “The right of free expression is not limited to the Hindu community.

A right to free speech does not depend on caste, creed or any social class, but only on the fundamental rights of the citizen.”

In Ghatkar, the Supreme court held that the State was not bound to ensure that citizens of a particular caste, or religion are not discriminated against on account for their caste, caste or creed.

It said, in the words of Justice Dipak Misra, that, “There is no constitutional mandate in India to give special protection to particular castes or to particular religious communities on account only of their religious affiliation.”

The court said it was clear that the government cannot take any action against a person based on his or her caste or religious affiliation.

The State of Gujarat has already passed an order banning beef in public places in order to ensure a more inclusive environment.

The ban was also supported by a recent petition filed by the All India Aam Admi Party, which had contended that the Centre’s decision on the ban violates the fundamental right of freedom and equality to freedom to express one’s religious beliefs.

In Gharwar, the CJI said that freedom of opinion is a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution and that “no one is deprived of this fundamental right merely because of one’s religion or caste”.

The Constitution provides that “freedom of speech and assembly is an essential right of citizens under Article 21 and guarantees the right free from unreasonable interference and interference by any government or any person”.

The right of expression has been repeatedly recognized by the Supreme Courts as a fundamental liberty and, therefore, is an integral part of the fundamental freedom to freedom.

In the context in which the ban on beef is being challenged, it should be noted that the Gujarat government has been making a concerted effort to implement the ban.

The state government has directed its restaurants to remove all beef products from their menus and to ban beef from its products.

The Gujarat government also has taken steps to provide special facilities for people of Dalits, OBCs and Scheduled Castes.

The Gujarat government is also working to ensure the rights to education, employment, health and housing are extended to Dalits and OBC groups in the State.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, also announced that the state government will begin the process of removing the ban from restaurants in the district of Vadodara.

The decision will be implemented by the government in the coming days.

It is worth noting that, in a case in the Supreme Council of India, a Delhi court ruled that banning beef was not a violation under Section 295

How to watch the NFL on cable for free

  • August 18, 2021

The NFL has a problem: How to get the game on cable and internet?

That’s the challenge the league is facing.

The NFL says its cable-only plans, which are aimed at the 18-to-49-year-old demographic, are doing well, and the NFL says it has made some money from the cable deals.

But the league says it is still struggling with the challenges of the growing internet-based viewing audience and how to connect with advertisers.

In recent months, the NFL has been working with DirecTV, the largest TV company in the United States, to get its cable deals on the air.

The network is now showing a season pass for $19.99.

But it’s still not clear how many people are going to buy the season pass, which includes access to all games.

DirecTv says that the league has been offering it at the same price as the season passes for at least a year.

The league said that Direc TV is offering the seasonpass for free.

The idea is that customers who have subscribed to a cable package will be able to see a season that includes all the games.

But Direc says it will charge $19 for the season that comes with access to the league’s other channels.

The plan also does not include access to games streamed through a streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation Vue or Google Chromecast.

DiredTV is not alone.

AT&T, Verizon and Comcast all offer plans with cable or internet, but none of them are offering season passes.

ESPN and Fox have offered season passes with the NFL since at least 2017.

Some cable companies have also started offering season pass packages for $39.99, but they have not yet made the playoffs.

The leagues plans to launch an online option next year for people who want to watch games with the same deal.

The move could give more cord-cutters an option to watch football online, but it’s unclear whether that would be enough to make up for the cable-less viewers.

Porn channels get some new eyes and a new name.

  • July 15, 2021

The Lad bible has learned that the latest addition to the world’s most popular porn channels is named Cowboy channel.

The channel is currently available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.

It will be available in all the world over the next few months. 

“We are excited to welcome Cowboy to the Lad Bible family, and hope you enjoy watching him in the coming weeks,” said Lad Bible CEO and general manager Andrew Bovey.

Cowboy is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom and United States territories.

“We are proud to have been a part of this family for years, and are looking forward to bringing it all to you,” Boveys statement continued. 

Cowboy’s debut has been praised by critics as a strong departure from the more traditional, “straight to video” approach of the original Lad.

“The Lad Bible is one of the most popular and well-received adult channels on the Internet, and we are proud that the channel is now officially licensed and licensed to be released in Canada, United States and other countries worldwide,” said the Lad bible. 

 “In addition to being a strong and trusted source of content for both adults and teens, Cowboy has an active social media presence that reaches over 7 million users in its over 200 territories and around the world,” Boves said. 

On its website, Cowboys creators explain the channel’s mission: “Our mission is to provide the best quality porn for the best possible experience.

Our videos are always in HD quality, and feature a lot of the best models, performers and directors in the industry.” 

The channel also offers live webcam shows, which include a weekly show on YouTube, as well as the “Fantasy” show. 

As for the name, CowBoy is the nickname given to the main character of the cartoon character Cowboy Bebop. 

The Lad bible is one the first adult content channels to launch in Canada.

In fact, the channel was originally launched in 2010 by a Canadian woman, Jessica E. Brown, who called it “an online community of people who love watching movies.” 

 As the channel grows, it will continue to cater to the adult market. 

In the past, Lad Bible has partnered with a number of porn companies, including Pornhub, RedTube, and Fapdom.

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