MSNBC says it’s moving away from “fake news” after NBC and CNN’s ‘fake news’ coverage

  • September 29, 2021

MSNBC is moving away in part from airing its own coverage of the ongoing controversy over the election and its own ratings, the cable network said Tuesday.

MSNBC’s decision to separate its own opinion programming from CNN’s was a reflection of the political environment and the importance of the network to the cable industry, said a statement from executive vice president of programming Jeff Zucker.

“As a news organization, MSNBC is an important and valued part of the news landscape, and we have to remain focused on what matters most,” Zucker said in the statement.

“We have made a decision that the best way for us to continue to deliver the highest-quality news and information to our viewers is to remain part of NBCUniversal’s News division.”

MSNBC is part of News Corporation, which is owned by Comcast Corp. The news division is run by MSNBC’s parent company Comcast, which also owns CNBC and CNN.

CNN is part, along with Fox News Channel, MSNBC’s chief rival.

The move to separate the two is a “step in the right direction,” Zucker wrote in the memo.

“It also reflects the need to build a more robust and trusted news product for our audience, and that the network needs to focus on building a more credible, authoritative, and trusted brand.”

CNN’s decision marks a new low for the network.

Earlier this month, the network announced it would no longer broadcast “fake” news coverage during its “OutFront” program.

It said it would focus more on factual news coverage that reflects the viewpoints of those who are actually in the news.

The decision came amid a debate over how best to cover the Trump presidency, which has been marked by both a sharp spike in anti-Trump protests and violent protests in cities across the country.

The president has also repeatedly denied accusations of racism, sexism and xenophobia, including against Black Lives Matter protesters, and accused journalists of being paid to suppress the story.

CNN has been a major player in the coverage of those issues, with reporters covering Trump, the president’s advisers, the Justice Department, congressional Democrats, Republican leaders, media organizations and even former President Barack Obama.

CNN and MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A New York Times article published Tuesday reported that in the weeks before the election, CNN was not doing enough to present facts about the protests and that CNN had not been fair to President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly dismissed the protests as a conspiracy theory.

The report also said CNN and other news outlets had not done enough to explain the political landscape, including the rise of the alt-right and the growing number of white supremacists.

CNN’s move comes after the New York Post and other media outlets reported that the CNN president, Jeff Zucker, was upset about his network’s coverage of Trump and wanted to take it down.

The Post’s report also reported that Zucker said he was unhappy with how the network had covered Trump.

The CNN statement comes a week after the network said it was moving away and abandoning “fake coverage” of the election.

The network said in a statement that its news coverage had been “incomplete and misleading.”

CNN is a prime example of the media companies that are trying to compete with the internet and technology companies that have come to dominate it.

It has become the primary destination for news on the internet.

The rise of platforms like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube that offer real-time news and entertainment has made it possible for people to share stories that they don’t usually have the resources to produce or broadcast, said Jeff Greenfield, a former CNN executive.

“The internet has created a huge audience for what we call fake news,” Greenfield said.

CNN, which had been on a downward trajectory before the 2016 election, has struggled to make inroads with millennials, a segment that is increasingly watching cable news and watching the social media platforms.

The company’s decline began in the first week of the year, with its audience dipping to a record low of 2.9 million.

That figure fell to 2.2 million in the week after Election Day.

The number of millennials watching CNN has also been on the decline, according to a CNN poll last week.

In the week ending Jan. 11, the average age of a CNN viewer was 35 years old, down from 36.2 years in the year-earlier period, the survey found.

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