Former Trump advisor: Trump ‘will never be impeached’

  • June 20, 2021

Former President Donald Trump’s former adviser George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russians, said on Tuesday that he believes the House will impeach Trump if the special counsel, Robert Mueller, concludes the president committed a crime.

Papadopoulos’ comments came in an interview with Breitbart News’ Mike Isaac, who said he spoke to Papadopolous on Tuesday.

Isaac said Papadopoulous said he is confident the House of Representatives will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

“The House will do its job, but the President will never be brought down,” Papadolous said.PAPADOPOULOS: I think it will be impeachable.

I think that the House is going to do its work, and the President is going be impeaching them.

It will be done.

I believe that the President, at the end of it, will be in jail.

I don’t believe that he will be indicted.

And I believe the House, I believe they will do their job, and they will indict him.

You know, I think they will, I hope so.

You can be sure of that.

You will be right.

I do believe the Republicans are going to get what they want.

I hope they get it.

They are the ones that will be doing their job.

They’re the ones who will be bringing him down.

It’s not the Democrats.

It was the Republicans.

It wasn’t the Democrats, it was the President.

The President is the one that got it done, and I’m sure they will deliver it.

It is a good thing that the Special Counsel, Mr. Mueller, has begun his investigation.

They will bring him down if he’s found guilty.

If they’re not, it’s a good sign for the American people that they’re going to have an impeachment trial.

If the president is found to have committed a felony, I’ll be glad to tell you why.

But the House isn’t going to impeact the president.

They can impeach the president, but I don.

I am sure the House knows that, and that’s why I think, I have confidence in them.

I know that the Republican Party is not going to try to put a nail in the coffin.

The Republicans are gonna put a very good nail in it.

I can’t imagine that they’ll put a bad one in it if they have to.

I have faith in the House.

I trust them.

They know that.

I’m a fan of the House Republicans.

I really am.

It really is.

I truly believe they are going with the right path.

But that’s the way it works.

You want the best for the country?

It’s gonna take some time.

They’ve got a long way to go.

They have a long time to go, but it’s gonna be worth it.

And they’ve got to be smart about it.

If it takes some time, you want the President to have the opportunity to be impeach.

If he does that, that’s great.

You wanna make sure you do the right thing.

If you’re gonna impeach him, I mean, I really believe it.

The House, as we know, is gonna do its part.

They’ll find out who did it.

But they will impeache him, and we will get to see what happens.

You got that?

I really do.

I’ll let you know what happens, but you’ve gotta do your job.

I guarantee you.

That’s what I do.

You don’t want to put the American citizens at risk.

You’ve got my word on that.

The truth is I do know that, because the truth is, if it takes a while, they’ll get to it, and then the House can vote to take him down, if they want to.

They do.

They voted for that in the last Congress.

I promise you that.

That is their plan.

You gotta respect that.

And you gotta get the facts.

The facts are what we need to know.

You have got to make sure that the American public knows the truth.

I mean that is the truth, and it’s the truth that is important.

The American people want to know the truth now, and you got to do what’s right for the nation.

You do not want the American Congress to interfere in the president’s ability to do his job.

The president has to do the job.

If Congress is interfering in that, they have a problem with the American People.

You are not doing your job for them.

You’re interfering with the presidency.

You shouldn’t do that.

But I will tell you, it is what it is.

You talk about Congress interfering in the President’s ability, that is what they are doing.

And it’s their job to do their jobs.

And so they are interfering with this,