Why CNN’s Piers Morgan is back on golf: What does it mean for us?

  • September 29, 2021

CNN’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, Piers Minkovski, is back in the swing of things after being out of the news since August when he became a full-time commentator on the Golf Channel.

He tweeted on Wednesday that he will be back on “Sunday Golf” starting at 11 p.m.

ET on ESPN, along with several other golf personalities.

Minkovskis mainstay has long been the subject of controversy after the network reported in February that he had been suspended by CNN for sharing “fake news” and other “fake stories” about his wife and children.

His suspension was later rescinded, but he has been suspended from all of CNN’s news programming since March.

The Golf Channel has since been rocked by a series of stories about the show, including allegations that Minkowski has used the platform to advance a political agenda.

Disney Channel’s The Golf Channel is the latest channel to launch in 2018

  • July 21, 2021

Disney Channel is coming to Apple TV, the Walt Disney Company announced on Tuesday.

The new Disney channel, which was originally launched in 2017, will be available in the United States starting on April 7, 2018, with a UK launch on June 6, 2018.

The launch of Disney Channel on Apple TV marks a significant milestone for the streaming service, which has previously been available only in the US.

It was first available to stream on Apple TVs in March 2017, and the first two episodes were available on Apple devices in March 2018.

In an interview with the BBC in December 2018, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the channel would eventually make its way to Apple TVs, with Apple “working very closely” with Disney to get the channel in front of as many people as possible.

“We’re looking to do that with the Apple TV,” Iger told the BBC.

“We’ve had a number of conversations with them and we’ve had conversations with other providers about Apple TVs and Apple devices.

We’ll definitely have that on the platform.

It’s an exciting time.”

Iger said that while the channel will be free to watch on Apple television, it would offer the same “premium service” as it did on other platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“There’s no question about that,” Igers said.

“They’ll be able to have access to a very rich content library, including sports.

It’ll be available on all Apple devices.”

Apple and Disney have long worked together to bring Disney-branded content to Apple television.

Disney’s animated feature films including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen have been available on Disney Channel since its launch in 2017.

In 2017, Disney launched a new service called Disney XD that has more than 200 channels, including Disney’s Marvel and Pixar films, a selection of animated series, and more.

How to watch a live NFL game via directv on your iPhone or iPad

  • June 21, 2021

A new feature in NFL Sunday Ticket is now available to viewers via directV.

DirectV is a new app from Fox Sports and its on-demand service, allowing viewers to watch NFL games live and on-the-go.

DirectTV subscribers can watch games via DirectV directly through the app.

The NFL Sunday ticket app is currently available on the iPhone and iPad.

The app features an updated interface, including improved video quality, better game descriptions and more.

The App is available in the App Store for free, with the Fox Sports app offering a $2.99 monthly subscription for a limited time.

This will be the first directV app to support live games.

Fox Sports is also adding additional features for viewers, including a sports section where fans can view all games on their smartphones.

DirectVR is also coming to the app with its own app for iPhone and Android users.

The company says it is adding more games and adding live feeds to its existing NFL app.

A recent feature announcement on the NFL Sunday game app has added a section where users can share their favorite teams.

Users can also download content from the NFL app and watch it live on their TVs via the app, if they have a DirecTV account.

NFL Sunday tickets can be purchased at the NFL store or online, and users can even watch a game on their phones.

Fox sports is also expanding its game day experience.

The game will now show in full 1080p, and the NFL game channel will offer live coverage for games in select markets.

The Cowboys-Packers game will also be shown in full HD, and Fox Sports will also have live streaming of the game on Fox Sports Go, which is an all-sports channel for fans.

The NFL Sunday season is set to kick off on Sunday, March 3, with Sunday games airing on the network.

The 2018 NFL season kicks off on April 8.

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